Free Screensaver

     Here's a free screensaver as a demonstration of what you'll learn to do.

     One of the techniques you'll learn in Make Money With Your Digital Camera is how to make and sell a screensaver. So I decided to put a free screensaver here for an example.

     The free screensaver contains pictures of eight old toys. How many of the toys can you identify? (Your screensavers can contain many more images. This free one is small so it downloads faster.)

     Although this is a free screensaver, you will sell your screensavers. This free screensaver is just to give you an idea of what you can do.

     The free screensaver works on any windows computer except Windows 3.1. Your screensavers will also work on any windows computers.

Free Screensaver Installation Instructions:

  • Click on the download free screensaver link below.
  • Save the free screensaver to your desktop.
  • When the screensaver has finished downloading- about a minute with a dialup modem- double click on the toys.exe icon on your desktop.
  • The screensaver installation program will start.

     It's that simple!

Download Free Screensaver

     While you are downloading the free screensaver why not spend a few minutes reading about how to turn your digital camera into a money making machine?

Make Money with Your Digital Camera
Make Money With Your Digital Camera

Make Money with Your Digital Camera

Free Screensaver

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