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     Maybe I should call this the About Me page? Sounds quite arrogant to talk about myself in the third person.

I Have Worn Many Hats.

     Currently, I buy and sell antiques and collectibles, and teach others my methods. You can find out more about my antiques and collectibles and eBay oriented books at www.iwantcollectibles.com.

     I write a free newsletter about antiques and collectibles and eBay. you can sign up for my newsletter from any page on the Iwantcollectibles site.

     I also work as a marketing consultant. I help self employed entrepreneurs increase their profits by redesigning their systems and teaching them to sell their services in more productive ways.

     My clients include artists, internet marketers, photographers, direct response marketers, software programmers, antiques and collectibles dealers, restaurants, and small retail establishments. I have quite a few clients in service industries like auto painting, home remodeling, carpet cleaning, and more. I work with small business owners because I like to be around people who are doing something for themselves.

     Make Money With Your Digital Camera is a direct result of my work and the consulting I have done for others. These are the strategies my clients and I have used to make money with their cameras.

     I worked for years building toy train layouts for a living. This was a lot of fun. I was able to express my creative nature and get paid for it. Crawling around on my knees everyday got to be painful, and my constant search for opportunities led me to seek new vistas. I wrote a book to help others build fantastic train layouts, and started selling screen savers with toy trains on them. You can see some of the layout I have built and my screen saver sales pages on my toy train website: Train99.com The Toy Train Information Source

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Make Money With Your Digital Camera

Make Money with Your Digital Camera

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